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Texas Refinery Corp. has always had good products for hydraulic systems, but continuous research and development has improved things once again. New generation base stocks and powerful additive systems in huge amounts make Texas Refinery Corp.’s HYDRAULIC OIL a high performance giant. In today’s hydraulic systems, which operate under higher pressure and heat loads, there’s a real need for superior hydraulic oils and the answer comes from Texas Refinery Corp.’s HYDRAULIC OIL.

Full product specs:


Reduces Costly Wear

HYDRAULIC OIL is a high quality, stable product formulated to provide excellent performance. Increased protection against surface wear is accomplished with the use of HYDRAULIC OIL – – it forms a film on metal surfaces, reducing metal to metal contact. Texas Refinery Corp. incorporates more zinc (an anti-wear additive) into its hydraulic oil, than is required on most equipment specifications – – an extra step to prolong the life of equipment. Reducing friction wear often reduces operating temperatures and that in turn helps increase the life of the oil and the equipment.


Resists Chemical Breakdowns

Hydraulic oils are subjected to many problem-causing factors – – high temperatures, water, air, and foreign debris. This combination leads to oxidation, varnish, acids, and eventually a thick gummy sludge in the oil. To prevent this, Texas Refinery Corp. manufactures HYDRAULIC OIL from new generation base oils which have a high stability and then TRC boosts the stability even further with extra portions of powerful anti-oxidation additives. In an oxidation test, HYDRAULIC OIL performed satisfactorily for over 10,000 hours, in most grades – – better than five times the target normally sought.


Protects Seals

A hydraulic piston operates under high pressure, requiring a lubricant which reduces friction of the seal material, without damage to the seal itself. HYDRAULIC OIL is formulated with the most up-to-date additives to protect seals. Friction is reduced and longer service life is obtained.


Resists Foaming

For peak efficiency, hydraulic systems must use an uncontaminated oil as an operating medium. Water contamination, among other things, causes foaming, especially where elevated temperatures are encountered. Also, air entrapped in the system, can cause a foaming problem. The excess air or water that can become trapped in normal hydraulic oils can lead to capitation in operation. Texas Refinery Corp.’s HYDRAULIC OIL contains special anti-foam chemistry in extreme amounts, so the fluid releases any air or water that may be trapped. This added measure helps Texas Refinery Corp.’s HYDRAULIC OIL provide superior protection for hydraulic systems including vane pumps.


Protects Against Rust

If an oil is formulated properly, metals should not rust or oxidize, even if moisture is present. TRC’s HYDRAULIC OIL was designed with a superior level of protection in mind. This added detail to metal surfaces resulted in elevated levels of rust and oxidation inhibitors to be built into the formulation. The film forming chemistry, coats all metal surfaces with a thin film, preventing moisture and other rust or oxidization promoters from reaching the surfaces. With the use of HYDRAULIC OIL, the worries from rust and oxidation are over.


Is Dependable

An inferior hydraulic oil becomes thick when cold and which in turn leads to the pump to cavitate. When weather is hot, the oil becomes thin, causing a loss around the seals. The thin oil also tends to accelerate wear and give other problems. HYDRAULIC OIL shows very little change in its flow characteristics through its service life. The better quality base oils and superior additives in large quantities helps HYDRAULIC OIL maintain its viscosity and performance – – for dependability!