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Worm Gear Lubricant

WORM GEAR LUBRICANT performs exceptionally in applications where the worm wheel portion of the gear set is made of yellow metal. Yellow metals require a gear lubricant that is not rated for extreme pressure applications and WORM GEAR LUBRICANT answers that problem. Anti-oxidation and anti-foam agents, a resistance to water, and a special acidless tallow form the base for a lubricant that outperforms the competition.

Full product specs:


Designed With The Best Additives

The additive that makes WORM GEAR LUBRICANT a high quality lubricant is the acidless tallow. Tallow is used in the lubricant as the metal wetting agent so that the WORM GEAR LUBRICANT does not slide or wipe off of the gear system during operation. The addition of tallow helps lower the coefficient of friction, temperatures, wear, and overall energy consumption in the gear system. Add in to the mix, additives that resist foam and moisture and WORM GEAR LUBRICANT is an exceptional product that outperforms. The anti-oxidation additives help to lengthen the life of the tallow, in turn lengthening the life of the lubricant.


Exhibits Adhesive & Cohesive Properties

WORM GEAR LUBRICANT is the perfect solution for the lubrication problems that arise when the worm shaft is positioned under the worm wheel. In this set-up, many companies recommend a lightweight oil to ensure proper lubrication of the bearings; however this sacrifice leads to unnecessary metal to metal contact of the worm shaft and worm wheel. WORM GEAR LUBRICANT is a slightly heavier viscosity than the common oil and has the ability to cling to the worm shaft bearings, thereby preventing friction in the worm gear set.


Resists Water and Moisture

Moisture is always a key enemy to lubricants that are designed to protect gears and bearings. Too much moisture breaks down the fluid and the gears do not get the proper lubrication. WORM GEAR LUBRICANT is designed to be water resistant, at a viscosity that is not too heavy to cause drag on the gears. When moisture is present in the lubricant, WORM GEAR LUBRICANT works harder to maintain proper lubrication and film sealing.


Controls Foam

WORM GEAR LUBRICANT contains special anti-foam additives that force any trapped air in the lubricant to rise to the surface of the lubricant. The bubble of air then breaks and the air that was in the lubricant is released. Keeping unwanted air out of the lubricant is necessary to ensure lower operating temperatures and a reduction in friction. A lubricant with no free air is able to reduce wear and energy consumption.