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140 MOLYGUARD Chain and Cable Lubricant

140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT is formulated from the highest quality paraffinic base oils, with the addition of molybdenum disulfide, to provide the utmost protection for chain driven machinery. 140 MOLYGUARD is a heavy chain lubricant that can be used in cement plants, quarries, industrial applications, on farm equipment, oil field machinery, water and sewage disposal . . . anywhere a heavy chain lubricant is needed.

Full product specs:


Reduces Wear

The use of the high quality base oils and the molybdenum disulfide will reduce wear of pins, bushings, and link plates of chains, even if the oil should sling off. The molybdenum disulfide is very slippery and will penetrate deep to reduce wear. The moly also helps to protect against the shockloads, which will result as the chain links engage with the teeth of the sprocket wheel.


Reduces Heat Caused By Friction

Regardless of type, chains should be lubricated properly to protect the link and sprocket mechanisms against wear. Speed, load, clearances, and the extent of bending must be considered when planning on chain lubrication.
If the chain is not lubricated properly, friction and wear will occur, thus generating excessive heat. The 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT will reduce this heat caused by friction, because the molybdenum disulfide will penetrate to provide proper lubrication and therefore reduce wear.


Repels Water

140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT has combined penetrative and adhesive properties, to provide valuable lubrication. This superior lubrication is especially effective in potentially catastrophic areas when the chain is exposed to dirt, dust, and water. The base oils and molybdenum disulfide provide more than adequate protection on all contact surfaces, and the result is less wear and corrosive effect from foreign matter.
Since 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT repels moisture, it will lubricate the metal surface and fight against the problem of rust. This is of great benefit because rust causes tremendous wear of the pins, bushings, and link plates.


Adhesive and Cohesive

The adhesive characteristics of 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT, combined with its penetrative ability, provides unbeatable protection. The adhesive nature of this product will resist the throwing-off effects of centrifugal force while a chain is operating. This built-in protection provides excellent lubrication while the chains are in motion. Also, the tacky nature of this product means it will adhere to the chains, even during periods when the equipment sits idle for quite some time. The adhesiveness of 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT will also prevent wear on the external parts of the chain and sprocket teeth.


Excellent Low Temperature Fluidity

The fact that 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT will flow at very low temperatures is of great benefit to the user. It will pour down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows the product to be used in very cold climates. Whether it is a planter, combine, or any other piece of equipment, simply squeeze the 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT over the chains while they are warm. This will allow the penetrating of the lubricant deep into the pins, bushings, and link plates. Never apply any lubricant to chains, which are moving.


Extends Life Of Chains

Using 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT on a continuous basis replaces the film of solid lubricant that is worn away. Only a few applications are required to first build up the layer of molybdenum disulfide film. Once the layer of moly has been built, it will stay there and is not removed during operation of the equipment. The maximum thickness of the moly film will be no more than 2/10,000 of an inch, so clearances will not be a problem.
This moly coating that is formed will reduce the wear factor tremendously, and the chains will last much longer. Less wear means less maintenance and a real savings when using 140 MOLYGUARD CHAIN AND CABLE LUBRICANT.