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Big Red Concentrated Cleaner

In today’s mechanized world, the need for an effective, potent concentrated cleaner is a must. Texas Refinery answers the need for such a cleaner by providing BIG RED® . . . one of the most versatile cleaners on the market.
In the cleaning world, BIG RED® is a powerful but gentle “giant.” It is engineered to remove stubborn soil from practically any surface . . . industrial equipment, floors, walls, painted surfaces. The more difficult the cleaning problem, the more there is a need for BIG RED®!

Full product specs:



BIG RED® is one of the more versatile cleaners of modern times. Where there is a soiled or dirty surface, there is a need for BIG RED®. Various mixtures of BIG RED® can clean hard-to-remove soils from practically any surface. It cleans most types of metal . . . emulsifies ink mist . . . cleans white sidewall tires . . . and also works as a concrete form release agent to prevent concrete from sticking to equipment and forms.

BIG RED® is especially effective in steam cleaning operations. It joins with steam power to cut dirt and grime from virtually any surface. It allows cleaner servicing of equipment, thus providing longer equipment life. Clean equipment, which can yield longer service, means greater profits for you. Also, continuous use of BIG RED® helps prevent scaly substances from forming on steam cleaner coils.



BIG RED® contains no petroleum solvents or harsh alkalis and acids. It is virtually odorless and free from noxious or toxic fumes. BIG RED® is safe on surfaces not harmed by water because it has no abrasives to dull or scratch the surfaces.

BIG RED is NSF registered (A1) and all applications of BIG RED require thorough rinsing to give a completely cleaned surface. Mops, pails, and other cleaning equipment are ready to use again after they have been rinsed with clean water.


Potent and Powerful

The cleaner industry is one of the fastest growing industries in manufacturing today. New raw materials are being developed and new techniques are being perfected. By keeping up with the latest data, Texas Refinery is able to provide an up-to-date, potent, and powerful cleaner in BIG RED®. BIG RED® contains more solids content than the minimum prescribed by MIL-C-25769G, which is a specification for aircraft cleaners. It acts as a wetting agent and changes surface tension to allow water to cover surfaces more effectively.



Biodegradable is a word that is not new to the American vocabulary. It came about several years ago when detergents came into general use. It seems some of the components of detergents cause contamination of lakes and streams. Stable foams cause problems in fast moving water. Surfactants that are not biodegradable are a potential danger to underground fresh water supplies. A number of cities have passed ordinances requiring all detergents to be biodegradable. BIG RED® meets those ordinances. BIG RED®‘s surfactants break down easily and cause no harm to fish and water life, nor underground water supplies. Stable foam problems are eliminated in sewage plants.


Cleans Quickly and Easily

Testing of BIG RED® shows it cleans quickly, efficiently, and easily. As a result, valuable man-hours can be saved for other job assignments. BIG RED® penetrates deep, down-under, scaly, encrusted oil, fats, and dirt, leaving a clean, ready-to-use surface. No mixing equipment is needed with BIG RED®. You simply mix it with hot or cold water and carry out your cleaning chore. BIG RED® with water is easy to apply with a mop, cloth, brush, or spray.


Stays Mixed with Solvents

For heavy cleaning, like degreasing equipment, use BIG RED® mixed with a solvent such as kerosene. A number of today’s cleaners do not stay mixed with solvents . . . they separate and lose their cleaning power. BIG RED® blends together with solvents to form a mutual system to get rid of the dirtiest grime. Used with kerosene, for instance, BIG RED® emulsifies the caked-on-grease, dirt, and other soils normally resistant to cleaners. BIG RED® stays in suspension, doing a thorough job in less time than it takes with other cleaners.