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FLEET KLEEN is a fast acting, deep blue liquid detergent. A unique surfactant-to-builder ratio allows FLEET KLEEN to rapidly penetrate and disperse road film, dirt, and grime from all hard surfaces. A high concentration of special water conditioners allows economical dilution, extended soil suspension and a sparkling rinse while protecting equipment from “liming” and scale buildup. Safe to use on all hard surfaces not harmed by water, FLEET KLEEN exhibits a pH of approximately 10.5 at typical use dilutions.

Full product specs:



FLEET KLEEN is scientifically formulated for rapid removal of various soils from cars, trucks and industrial equipment when used through high pressure cleaning equipment. It can also be used manually.



1. Economical – provides rapid soil removal at high dilutions to cut chemical and labor costs.
2. Manufactured with BIODEGRADABLE ingredients.
3. Rinses quickly and completely in hard or soft water to leave surfaces sparkling clean.