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Poly Temp

Mechanical cotton pickers have been improved a great deal over the years. By the same token — a considerable amount of time, research, and field testing has gone into the development of Texas Refinery Corp’s POLY TEMP. This product is available in two different weights (#00 and #0) used as cotton picker spindle grease.

Full product specs:


Uses Quality Base Products

POLY TEMP is made from quality grease thickeners and oils. The grease thickener is well-known for its ability to resist water. The base oils have been severely hydro-treated to remove undesirable characteristics. The combination of quality thickener and quality oil allows this product great flowability (fluidity). This fluidity allows POLY TEMP to properly lubricate in tough applications, yet it still has ample body in the grease to provide the needed protection. The nature of POLY TEMP is such that it resists thinning out under hot operating conditions. In addition, it doesn’t thicken up in idle hours to the point of being so stiff that the cotton picker units have difficulty starting in the cool, early morning hours. POLY TEMP undergoes minimal viscosity change at temperatures from -20° F. to 250° F.


Resists Moisture and Dirt

POLY TEMP has good water resistance. It forms a seal at the point of lubrication to prevent moisture or dirt from contaminating the lubricated surface. By preventing moisture from entering the bearing, it helps to eliminate corrosion.


Provides Consistent Lubrication

For most weather and field conditions, POLY TEMP #00 is preferred for cotton pickers. However, in hotter climates, some customers prefer the #0 grade or weight. Since POLY TEMP is a grease — and yet is fluid enough to assure proper lubrication of the spindles — you can obtain consistent lubrication under extreme field operating conditions. Your grease consumption is lowered and downtime for relubricating your cotton picker is reduced due to the long-lasting effects of POLY TEMP. POLY TEMP is formulated to properly lubricate a cotton picker at a reasonable cost, helping give you profitable, trouble-free operation.


Provides Peak Performance

POLY TEMP keeps the equipment operating during “harvest time”, which helps you get your cotton from the field to the gin faster. Properly lubricated, spindles can operate at peak performance, plucking cotton from bolls, rather than pulling or tearing. This can help you obtain a “top quality” grading of the cotton. This means more money in your pocket.



POLY TEMP is formulated to allow picking more acres of cotton per pound of grease than other similar products now on the market. Testing shows POLY TEMP to be a superior product. Tests began each morning, before cotton was picked. The amount of POLY TEMP was weighed and pumped into the left side of a picker while a competitive product was weighed and pumped into the right side. The same procedure was used as the picker was re-greased. This process was repeated with seven competitive products over three cotton picking seasons. The results — 32 percent to 49 percent less POLY TEMP was needed to do the job!

As a rule of thumb, it takes approximately 2 lbs. of POLY TEMP per acre of cotton to pick and scrape. The average varies from lbs. to 2½ lbs. of POLY TEMP per acre depending on the type of cotton picker and season.



POLY TEMP is capable of handling a wide variety of applications. This product is made from a relatively light-weight oil, which gives the grease the ability to handle high speed applications. Cotton picker spindles are one type of high-speed operation. Industrial applications also have other spindle type applications that are grease lubricated and need a good, high-speed grease.

POLY TEMP #00 and #0 are sometimes used in gear cases of bat wing mowers found on golf courses. POLY TEMP #0 is sometimes used in centralized lubrication equipment where the lubricant is pushed through small lines to a wide variety of lubrication points.

There are many other applications for POLY TEMP. For instance, #00 weight has been used as a release agent on concrete forms. The #0 weight has been used as a barrier in paint booths to keep paint from sticking to walls. The POLY TEMP uses are wide and varied. Your imagination allows you to develop additional applications for POLY TEMP.