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Universal Torque Fluid


TractorLife.com launched a campaign to endorse hydraulic tractor fluids that meet and often exceed OEM credentials, providing optimal protection against wear, rust, oxidation, brake chatter, extreme temperatures and, ultimately, premature equipment failure. Texas Refinery’s Universal Torque Fluid, and our UTF Red, were the first fluids manufactured in the United States to proudly display the Tractorlife.com Authenticated Mark!

Texas Refinery Corp’s Universal Torque Fluid is a high-performance tractor and hydraulic fluid, containing enhanced additive packages to effectively protect gears, clutches and pumps by providing oxidation resistance, anti-wear protection, wear tolerance and enhanced performance in temperature extremes and harsh conditions.

Full product specs:


Provides Anti-Wear Protection

UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID is not only formulated, using a superb anti-wear additive system, but the additive is used in much higher quantities than is necessary to pass equipment manufacturer’s tests. In hydraulic and torque conversion systems the bearings, pumps, valves, spindles, etc. are given superior protection due to an extra enrichment with unsurpassed anti-wear additives. Gear tests conducted, using the UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID additive system, show no pitting whatsoever. Less gear wear means an extended drive train life.


Suppresses Brake Chatter

Brake chatter (a high pitched squeal) can mean greater difficulty in braking and will finally end in premature failure. Texas Refinery Corp.’s UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID suppresses brake chatter and does so in a manner that does not rob the brakes of their needed capacity. UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID passes the Brake Safety Test, while many other lubricants exceed the maximum stopping distance by as much as 20 percent. Texas Refinery Corp. uses much more anti-chatter additive for brakes than is necessary to pass the equipment manufacturer’s tests.


Outstanding Oxidation Stability

Today’s tractors and hydraulic equipment places more stress on lubricants than ever before. Equipment is larger, engine power is up, more hydraulic systems are in use – – all contributing to increased temperatures in the operating systems. As temperatures go up, the oils are subjected to more rapid oxidation. UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID contains powerful anti-oxidant chemistry, combined with new generation base stocks to greatly resist oxidation. In addition, much higher levels of anti-oxidation inhibitors are used than is necessary to pass equipment manufacturer’s tests.


Prolongs Power Take-Off Life

Power Take Off’s (PTO’s) very often fail to have their clutch plates lock up quick enough to prevent a great deal of slippage. Slippage causes clutch plates to burn up and results in loss of power transmission. There is a performance lock up test called the Stall Test that allows up to 3 seconds before lock up. Texas Refinery Corp.’s UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID passes this test with a lock up time of less than 1 second. This fast lock up time reduces clutch wear and prolongs PTO life.


Protects Against Water Contamination

Low quality hydraulic tractor fluids lack the chemistry to protect against the effects of water contamination.  Water in the oil creates a corrosive mixture, and the corrosive mixture will then erode the yellow metal on hydraulic pumps, causing deep scratches on the pump’s brass piston shoes.  Corrosion often leads to sluggish tractor and hydraulic performance and potential hydraulic failure.  Texas Refinery’s UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID contains additional corrosion additive chemistry to protect the parts from corrosion and erosion, optimizing tractor performance and reliability.


Resists Foaming

As mentioned, in hydraulic and torque converting systems, some moisture is present. This contamination, coupled with the increased flow rates in systems, can causing foaming. Texas Refinery Corp. faces the problem head on by incorporating excellent foam inhibitors in UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID. When the foam is kept to a minimum, operation will not be hampered and equipment life will be extended.