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Whether you operate off-road or on-road, gasoline or diesel equipment, DZL-LENE XL/10 provides a cost-effective way to improve fuel quality, reduce deposits, lower emissions and improve engine performance.

Full product specs:


Superior Fuel Injection Cleanliness

Original equipment manufacturers have recognized that today’s ever-changing fuels are leading to increased injector problems. Deposits once found on the tips of injectors are now forming internally. This means poor engine performance, loss of power, and shortened injector life.

DZL-LENE XL/10 has been proven to be an important preventative maintenance product for today’s diesel and gasoline injected engines. The advanced “XL/10” package not only helps keep systems clean but it can clean up dirty systems. Today’s gasoline fuel injected engines can be cleaned after three tanks of fuel, when treated at a ratio of 1 gallon of DZL-LENE XL/10 to 125 gallons of gasoline. Once systems are cleaned DZL-LENE XL/10’s superior additive package allows gasoline to be treated at the rate of 1 gallon of DZL-LENE XL/10 to 400 gallons of gasoline.

DZL-LENE XL/10’s superior additive package has been a big boost to diesel engines by providing outstanding cleanliness and long injector life. The normal recommendations for DZL-LENE XL/10 in diesel engines is 1 gallon of DZL-LENE XL/10 to 500 gallons of diesel fuel. DZL-LENE XL/10’s additive package has shown outstanding performance in low sulfur diesel fuels, ultra low sulfur diesel fuels, and bio-diesel fuels. It truly is the all-around performance fuel treatment product.


Improved Fuel Economy

One of the benefits of the injector cleanliness, achieved with DZL-LENE XL/10, is maximum combustion efficiency. By obtaining efficient combustion, it has been found that DZL-LENE XL/10 can improve fuel economy by as much as 6.5%.

Used at a rate of one gallon to 500 gallons of diesel fuel . . . or one gallon to 400 gallons of gasoline, DZL-LENE XL/10 proves very inexpensive to use. As a matter of fact, DZL-LENE XL/10 can actually pay for itself with fuel efficiency savings and a cleaner running engine.


Advanced Lubrication Package

DZL-LENE XL/10 contains a special lubricity agent that meets the lubricity requirements of injector pump manufacturers. DZL-LENE XL/10 is a heavy oil based product, and unlike an alcohol based product which is drying, DZL-LENE XL/10 can provide needed lubrication to the upper cylinder and ring zone area of an engine. The special lubricity agent will protect the fuel pump and injectors from wear and scuffing, providing long, trouble-free operation.


Reduced Exhaust Emissions

Legislative and environmental concerns worldwide are driving the builders of equipment to comply with more stringent regulations concerning today’s engines. The drive is toward high performance, while attempting to control emissions.

DZL-LENE XL/10 can help to reduce exhaust emissions. Performance tests with DZL-LENE XL/10 have shown as much as a 16% reduction in hydrocarbons, a 1.7% reduction in nitrogen oxides, a 19.7% reduction in carbon monoxide and an 11% reduction in particulate.


Stabilized Fuel Storage & Corrosion Protection

DZL-LENE XL/10 provides additional protection against oxidation, to maintain fuel stability and prevent deposits, sludge and filter plugging. Operation costs will be reduced and engine maintenance will be decreased.

Corrosion of fuel system components can reduce engine life, increase maintenance costs and harm engine performance. DZL-LENE XL/10, with special corrosion inhibitors, helps protect fuel systems from rust and corrosion, as tested in the National Association of Corrosion Engineers Rust Test.


Prevents The Formation Of Fuel/Water Emulsions

DZL-LENE XL/10 contains special additives to deal with the every day condensation that builds up and occurs in storage tanks and vehicle tanks. A special demulsifier has been added, so when water in fuel is excessive, an emulsion formation is prevented. This keeps fuel flowing freely and allows free water to be drained from fuel storage tanks during regular maintenance. In vehicle tanks, where the fuel is recirculated, DZL-LENE XL/10 allows a controlled amount of moisture to be absorbed and harmlessly burned with the fuel, keeping the vehicle tank dry.