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Pro-Spec® Single-Viscosity Motor Oil

PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL is designed to handle heavy duty equipment both on and off-road. It also handles the requirements of both gasoline and diesel equipment. This group of straight weight motor oils is the ultimate protection needed to extend equipment life, reduce downtime, and make the equipment more cost effective.

Full product specs:


Superior Base Stock

PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OILS are made from low sulphur, sweet paraffin base crude oils. The solvent-extracted neutrals used to manufacture these high quality motor oils go through several refining steps to make them suitable for this application. The solvent extracted neutrals are of a minimum 95 viscosity index (VI). The neutral oils go through a solvent extraction process that removes heavy undesirable substances that might lead to sludge, gum, or varnish under heated conditions. The solvent extracted oils then go through a hydro-treating process that improves the oil’s oxidation resistance and their response to the high quality additives used by Texas Refinery Corp. One more step, called dewaxing, is used to improve the oil’s cold temperature capabilities as well as improve their film strengths when temperatures get higher.


Offers Thick Oil Film Protection

First and foremost, PRO-SPEC® Single Viscosity Motor Oil is intended to keep metal parts separated from each other. Since even the finest of metal surfaces has minute projections, some contact always occurs, producing what is called normal wear. PRO-SPEC® Single Viscosity prevents serious contact by forming a film which is thick enough to keep certain engine parts entirely separated most of the time. The thick film of say, SAE 30 or SAE 40 PRO-SPEC® Single Viscosity in long term usage is much better at preventing wear than SAE 5W/30, SAE 10W/30, SAE 10W/40, and even SAE 15W/40 since multi-viscosity oils tend to shear down, in use, to much lighter weight oils that do not provide “thick” films.


Increased Anti-Wear

PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL meets the gasoline (SJ) specification as well as the diesel (CF) specification for single viscosity oils. This means one oil can be used in a mixed fleet to handle many types of engines. Texas Refinery Corp. accomplishes this feat by using two different types of high quality zinc anti-wear protection. One of the zinc compounds is activated by low temperatures for the gasoline engines. The other zinc compound is activated by higher temperatures for protection of the diesel engines. The finest of zinc additives are used for anti-wear protection. A large percentage of anti-wear additive is placed in the PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OILS. In fact, 0.12% zinc is the minimum requirement to carry the PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL label.


Exceeds The Challenge

PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL meets and/or exceeds the gasoline engine oil specification SJ, as well as the latest diesel engine specification for single viscosity oils CF. This oil is a tremendous improvement over the previous specifications. For example, the Buick engine sequence III E test shows PRO-SPEC® MOTOR OIL provides from two to eight times as much protection as many commercial engine oils against oil ring deposits. In addition, PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL doubles the valve train wear protection over many engine oils. PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL also provides a 60% improvement in sludge control over many engine oils.


A High TBN Oil

PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL has a high total base number of 15 Plus. This high TBN level indicates how well PRO-SPEC® SINGLE-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL fights acids and their corrosive effects. Many commercial lubricants on the market have a TBN level from only 6 to 10.

There are many different ways to boost the total base number of an oil. Texas Refinery Corp’s PRO-SPEC® MOTOR OILS receive most of their alkalinity from the detergent value of the oil. High detergency TBN additives are more effective at controlling the overall effects of increased soot loading of the oil. The high total base number end result is longer life and extended drain intervals with PRO-SPEC® MOTOR OIL.


Provides Protection Plus

Detroit Diesel has indicated they are against products with a high ash content, but they allow a lot of exceptions. The higher ash content of Texas Refinery Corp. PRO-SPEC® MOTOR OILS does not cause a problem in Detroit Diesel engines. As a matter of fact, PRO-SPEC® MOTOR OILS have proven to be beneficial. Those benefits are as follows: (1) Increased engine cleanliness, (2) Reduced engine wear, (3) A substantial reduction in piston and piston ring deposits, (4) A substantial reduction in piston ring breakage, (5) A more complete neutralization of the corrosive acids produced during the combustion process.

Just pick the proper viscosity as recommended by Detroit Diesel for the operating conditions and you will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent service given by one of the Texas Refinery Corp. PRO-SPEC® MOTOR OILS.