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TRI-X-100 is a water soluble machine coolant developed especially for the metal working and machine tooling industry. TRI-X-100 is a superior coolant that extends tool life, offers great lubricity, the ability to cool, prevent rust and eliminate the machine shop Monday morning odor.

Full product specs:


Helps Keep Metal Cool

TRI-X-100 keeps the metal being machined at a reasonable temperature which prevents undue expansion. This is important where tolerances are in tens of thousands of an inch, since even the slightest heating can cause expansion and inaccurate machining. Also, TRI-X-100 prevents dry welding of chips by maintaining low temperatures. You should notice a trace of smoke going down from the tool when using TRI-X-100.


Provides Excellent Lubricity

TRI-X-100 contains a special oil giving the product enough lubricity to reduce the forces in a machining operation, thereby cutting the power consumption to a minimum. The excellent lubricity of TRI-X-100 speeds up production work and helps the tool give a high mirror finish. The excellent lubricity of TRI-X-100 helps prevent dry welding of chips, and this means the chip scraps bring more money for salvage because they are not burned.


Oil/Water Mix Is Stable

TRI-X-100 contains an enormous amount of a special emulsifying agent so the oil/water mix is complete and stable. The emulsifier prevents the tiny oil droplets from rejoining into big drops. The dispersing properties of TRI-X-100 keep the small chips, which tend to cling together, from accumulating and congesting the coolant system. The outstanding emulsifier also helps TRI-X-100 to disburse small chips and flush them away from the cutting area.


Inhibits Rust and Odor

 TRI-X-100 contains a unique inhibitor known as “phos-x” that imparts outstanding rust proofing properties. TRI-X-100 inhibits rust on parts and machinery at concentrations as low as 1 part TRI-X-100 to 75 parts water. “Phos-x” also adds to the EP qualities of TRI-X-100 at the point where the cutting tool comes in contact with the material being machined, thereby giving longer life and a smoother finish. Also incorporated into TRI-X-100 are additives to inhibit the breakdown of oil products when mixed with water. This helps eliminate odors and bacteria growth.. making the Monday morning odors often found in machine shops, a thing of the past.



TRI-X-100 is suitable for machining a wide variety of metals in such operations as turret lathes, drill presses, grinders, reamers, broaches, milling machines, and saws. TRI-X-100 is mixed at the rate of 1 gallon per 20 to 30 gallons of water for most operations. As always, the type of metal, the type of machining operation and the water hardness must be taken into consideration.



TRI-X-100 is economical to use. For example, it is used at one part TRI-X-100 to 50 or even 70 parts of water for grinding operations. Naturally, the hardness of the water will influence how much TRI-X-100 to use. Soft water is always preferred.