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Pro-Spec® Synthetic Motor Oil

PRO-SPEC® SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL 0W/20, 5W/20, 5W/30 and 10W/30 is a synthetic motor oil formulated to provide maximum protection and performance for the severe service, medium, and light-duty applications found in gasoline passenger vehicles. This oil provides extended oil change intervals with laboratory analysis for all types of industries, including gasoline-powered equipment in the construction, logging, farming, and municipality industries.

Full product specs:


Meets Latest Industry Standards

PRO-SPEC SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL® is licensed to meet both the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) SP, SN PLUS Resource Conserving standards and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee’s (ILSAC) GF-6A standard. These standards specify benefits for gasoline engines in fuel economy, reduced oxidative thickening, better high-temperature deposit control, lower oil consumption, and increased protection for turbochargers in gasoline and direct-injection engines.


Extends Equipment Life

PRO-SPEC SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL® is built to protect gasoline engines against premature wear. Special friction modifiers provide a full fluid-film lubricant between the moving parts in the engine, resulting in reduced wear to the moving parts. A high-quality zinc anti-wear protection package is added to the engine oil to further reduce wear in an effort to extend the life of the equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the fuel economy.


Contains Superior Additives

PRO-SPEC® SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL is formulated with superior performance additives to help protect against the effects of oxidation. Eliminating sludge and varnish build-up, byproducts of oxidation can help extend drain intervals. Other additives formulated into PRO-SPEC SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL protect against corrosion, rust, and foaming. Special viscosity modifiers can also be found in PRO-SPEC SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL to ensure quick start-ups in cold temperatures and no thinning of the engine oil in warmer temperatures.


Protects Against LSPI

Low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) is an abnormal combustion event that occurs in turbocharged, gasoline direct injected engines when operating at low speeds and high loads and can lead to engine knocking and/or severe internal engine damage. PRO-SPEC SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL is formulated with a detergent package that not only keeps your engine clean from piston deposit build-ups and neutralizes acids but does so without increasing the frequency of LSPI. Protecting against LSPI is imperative to extend the life of engines.