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PRO-SPEC IV HD Synthetic


PRO-SPEC IV HD SYNTHETIC engine oil is a 5W/40 engine oil formulated with synthetic base oils to protect on-highway and off-highway diesel engines operating in a wide range of temperatures and under severe conditions that require a CJ-4 engine oil. Treat your equipment with the protection it deserves, by providing it with an engine oil designed to get your equipment the extra mile.

Full product specs:

Protects Against Wear

Most wear that is experienced on engines occurs during a cold start-up because of the lack of lubrication on the internal parts. PRO-SPEC IV HD SYNTHETIC contains synthetic base stocks that significantly increase the cold flow of the engine oil at start-up. The use of synthetic base stocks results in a higher Viscosity Index and a fluid that is resistant to viscosity change at any temperature, keeping the internal components of the engine lubricated and protected.

Unparalleled Savings

PRO-SPEC IV HD SYNTHETIC is formulated with an industry leading Base Number (BN) of 15 and contains a BN retention package that helps extend the drain intervals of the engine oil. It has been found through testing, that engines using PRO-SPEC IV HD SYNTHETIC experienced an increase in fuel economy of 1-3 % when compared to conventional 15W/40 CJ-4 engine oils. Extended drain intervals and savings in fuel economy allow customers to experience exceptional savings when they switch to PRO-SPEC IV HD SYNTHETIC.

Resists Oxidation

Oxidation is the most common contributing factor to a reduction in life for an engine oil. The acidification and thickening of engine oil during the oxidation process can only be combated by a robust additive package containing strong acid neutralizers and detergents to eliminate deposit build-ups. PRO-SPEC IV HD SYNTHETIC attacks acids in the engine oil, thereby extending the drain intervals of the engine oil.