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Most chain drives fail from inadequate lubrication. Unfortunately, some seem to think a chain lubricant does not need to be a good lubricant. In fact, some even utilize used motor oils. However, tests indicate used motor oil carries with it dirt, contamination, and corrosive acids that can spell premature death to a chain.

Full product specs:


Contains Quality Oil and Additives

Texas Refinery Corp.’s MOLY CHAIN OIL is an unusually high quality item. It is made from 95-VI base oils, quality additives, and a unique dry film lubricant molybdenum disulfide (moly). The 95-VI paraffin base oils are very resistant to temperature change, thus making MOLY CHAIN OIL a very stable lubricant. Chain link elements will receive superior lubrication when you use TRC MOLY CHAIN OIL.


Contains Molybdenum Disulfide

The molybdenum disulfide penetrates to prevent undue wear of pins, bushings, and link plates. The solid film lubricant, molybdenum disulfide, is well-known for its ability to prevent wear, friction, and metal-to-metal contact. Molybdenum disulfide is twice as slippery as graphite and forms a bond with metal to be an excellent lubricant even if the oil is temporarily squeezed out under pressure.


Helps Prevent Rust

MOLY CHAIN OIL also prevents rust. It contains superior rust inhibitors to protect the metal’s surface. In addition, the oil’s clinging tendency keeps a thicker oil film on the metal which in turn, helps maintain the additives in contact with the metal surface for protection.


Comes In Five Weights

A chain is a machine consisting of hundreds, even thousands of moving parts. As is true of any machine, these parts require protection from friction and detrimental conditions. For the ultimate in chain lubrication, choose Texas Refinery Corp.’s MOLY CHAIN OIL in the proper viscosity for your application.


Easy To Apply

There are all kinds of ways for MOLY CHAIN OIL to be applied. Sometimes it is applied by hand with a brush or sprayer; other times it is applied by an automatic system, which can be a drip fed or a force fed system. There is also the reservoir or bath-type lubrication.



Texas Refinery Corp.’s MOLY CHAIN OIL handles a wide variety of jobs. It will flush away any foreign material or metal wear debris, prevent rust or corrosion of the chain components, remove heat caused by friction, and prevent wear through good oil film strength and molybdenum disulfide as well as superior anti-wear additives. In addition, it will lubricate sprocket contact surfaces, bushing pins, and link plates.
There are many other applications for MOLY CHAIN OIL. Some of these can include general plant lubricants, wire rope or cable lubricants, as well as handling gear boxes (non-EP).