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Moly Paragon 3000

Moly Paragon 3000

MOLY PARAGON 3000 is an extreme pressure, multi-purpose, calcium-lithium complex base grease that is specially formulated for use in industries with applications that experience extreme conditions such as high shock loading, high heat, moisture, or areas where stability is needed. It is excellent for use on bearings, pins, bushings, cam and slide mechanisms, universal joints, chains, and chassis points.

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Versatile and Cost Efficient

 MOLY PARAGON 3000 is compatible with most greases, meaning that it can help to reduce inventory requirements by completely replacing inferior greases.

Protects Against Hydrogen Sulfide

TRC now incorporates an H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Scavenger in Moly Paragon 3000 for additional protection in applications where this corrosive gas is found. Hydrogen sulfide is often associated with the fracking and drilling industry, mining operations, sewer gas, swamp gas, water treatment facilities, animal waste, garbage dumps, paper and textile mills, facilities that handle used/waste oil and many other petroleum and industrial areas. Customers working in these tough environments can be assured they have the ultimate protection with MOLY PARAGON® 3000.


Formulated with Molybdenum Disulfide

To provide the ultimate protection against metal to metal contact, a minimum of 5% molybdenum disulfide is added to the already superior formulation of MOLY PARAGON 3000. The added protection of molybdenum disulfide helps MOLY PARAGON 3000 to reduce scuffing, wearing and friction; thus enabling bearings to run cooler and last longer.


Extreme Pressure and Excessive Wear Protection

The molybdenum disulfide provides unparalleled levels of protection against scoring on surfaces that turn, slide, or have an oscillating motion where heavy shock or loads are present. Because of the adhesive and cohesive nature of MOLY PARAGON 3000, the grease resists squeezing out and thinning down under severe loads. This characteristic protects against downtime.


Very Water Resistant

MOLY PARAGON 3000 not only resists being washed away but displaces water on metal surfaces, keeping the surface free of rust and corrosion. MOLY PARAGON 3000 will retain its extreme pressure protection in the presence of up to 20% water, making it an ideal grease for trenching and construction, paper mills, and water treatment plants where excessive moisture is present.


Expanded Operating Temperature Range

The formulation of MOLY PARAGON 3000 offers protection against extreme heat with a dropping point of 630°F. Though many lithium base greases may have a dropping point around 500°F, they typically have operating temperatures in the 300°F range. MOLY PARAGON 3000 does not sacrifice that much in operating temperature, as the maximum recommended operating temperature is 570°F. MOLY PARAGON 3000 will not cake up in lines or bearings at high heat.