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AS-44 is a 100% active, powdered, heavy duty hot-soak cleaner and stripper for ferrous metals. It is composed of highly alkaline builders, a special “chelating” agent that removes paint and helps prevent flash re-rusting, and biodegradable emulsifiers for enhanced cleaning and prolonged vat life. AS-44 has a pH of 13.0 at various use concentrations.

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AS-44 rapidly removes grease, oil, dirt, sludge, loose carbon deposits, engine varnish, light rust, engine enamels and paints from ferrous metals. This makes it a natural for automotive repair shops, oilfield equipment rebuilders and maintenance crews, machine shops, diesel shops, remanufacturers, compressor rebuilders, etc. (DO NOT use on aluminum, galvanized or Babbitt metal!) AS-44 is highly effective and economically priced which makes it an excellent product for hot-soak vat operations.



For HOT SOAK CLEANING, AS-44 may be used at concentrations of 8 ounces to 3 pounds per gallon of water. For light to medium duty cleaning, use at a rate of 8 to 12 ounces per gallon. For heavy duty cleaning and stripping use at a rate of ¾ to 2 pounds per gallon. Normally AS-44 will be used at a rate of one and a half pounds per gallon of water. For most operations a vat temperature of 180°F is recommended. However, depending on the soil, the surface, and the cleaning time, our representatives may recommend temperatures ranging from 150°F to 200°F.



1. Water in tank should be warmed to 80°F – 90°F (lukewarm).
2. Pour AS-44 slowly into tank while stirring to prevent lumping. Avoid splashing; wear rubber gloves and eye protection when blending.
3. Stir well before applying more heat.
4. Never add AS-44 to hot tank solutions. Cool tank and add slowly using a shovel or other long handled device. ADDITION TO A HOT SOLUTION MAY RESULT IN TANK BOIL-OVER.



1. Skim off any grease or oil that collects at the surface of the vat.
2. Periodically add water to the vat to replace that which is lost by evaporation. This prevents overconcentration of the cleaner and will maintain proper conditions for good cleaning.
3. “Sweeten” the vat as needed by the addition of make-up AS-44 to replace that lost by drag out and reaction with soil. How often a tank is “sweetened” and how much is added will vary from business to business. However, the following method works in many cases. Approximately once a week, add make-up AS-44 at a rate of ½ ounce per gallon of water in the vat.



1. Specially designed for a long solution life, despite contamination.
2. This product is 100% active, but still economically priced.
3. Contains alkaline activated chelates which remove light rust, paint, and help prevent flash re-rusting.
4. Especially designed for hot vat operations.
5. All emulsifiers and wetting agents are biodegradable.