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Red Max

RED MAX is a red, premium grade, powdered cleaning compound. It is composed of high-grade water softening agents, detergents, builders, sequestering compounds and wetting agents. The product also has the following characteristics: free flowing, dustless, mild odor, and readily soluble in water.

Full product specs:


Vehicle Cleaning

RED MAX is designed primarily to be an excellent vehicle cleaning compound. This is a premium quality 100% soluble material being marketed at a very economical cost. It performs exceptionally well when applied by pressure cleaning equipment (hot or cold), as well as in automatic brush systems and manually.


Safe To Use

RED MAX has a pH of 11 in a 10% solution. This is much milder than most cleaning compounds, so the product is mild to the hands and clothing of personnel. In addition, no toxic fumes are emitted during use. RED MAX can be used on most painted surfaces without stripping or harming the paint. There’s no visible discoloration or pitting of aluminum or other soft metals. Pre-mix RED MAX in a small amount of water. When it is dissolved, add remainder of water to make correct solution.


Penetrates and Removes Soils

RED MAX uses a cleaning action simply referred to as wetting action. This means RED MAX penetrates a soil and allows removal of soil by floating that soil away. The RED MAX wetting agents literally make water wetter to make penetration of the soil much easier. RED MAX is completely balanced, so there’s no free acid or free caustic in the product. When using RED MAX or any other wetting action cleaner, best results are obtained by washing the vehicles under cover, out of the sun. Make sure you precool surfaces by running tap water over them. Hot surfaces cause streaking. Wash small sections of the vehicle or equipment at a time. Clean one section, rinse, and move to another. Wash surfaces from the bottom up and rinse from the top down to avoid streaking.


An Effective General Purpose Cleaner

Usually, a liquid concentrate is made from RED MAX for use in all areas of vehicle wash operations for both manual and automatic applications. Prepare the liquid concentrate by dissolving ½ pound of RED MAX per gallon of water. Be sure to stir the mixture thoroughly to ensure the RED MAX dissolves completely and the solution is uniform. This liquid concentrate may be used for further proportioning, just as you would use a regular liquid concentrate. It should be noted RED MAX is used primarily in car and truck wash operations; however, it can be a very effective and economical general purpose cleaner.


Rinses Freely

RED MAX contains high quality wetting compounds and water softening compounds. These ingredients play another role in RED MAX’s performance. With the addition of these ingredients, RED MAX can be rinsed freely, leaving no white film on the cleaned surfaces. A sheet flow rinse is obtained after the use of RED MAX.



RED MAX is economical to use because a little goes a long way. For example, doing manual car washing, you can use as little as ½ ounce of the POWDERED RED MAX to a gallon of water. Naturally, the amount of RED MAX to be used will vary depending on the type of soil being cleaned, water hardness, as well as time and temperature of the cleaning operation. All ingredients in RED MAX are exceptionally high levels of concentration. Can you imagine doing pressure washing with as little as 1 pound of RED MAX to 120 gallons of water? RED MAX adds up as a very economical cleaner.