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Red Hot

RED HOT is a highly concentrated, water soluble, liquid detergent that quickly penetrates and disperses heavy industrial grime. RED HOT is a synergistic blend of three wetting agents plus a water soluble solvent and alkaline builders. RED HOT mixes easily, requires little or no agitation and may be applied manually or through pressure washers or steam cleaners.

Full product specs:


Extra Bite For Tough Jobs

RED HOT cleans using saponifying action. That means the compound contains free caustic which adds extra bite by allowing reactivity with many soils. RED HOT literally makes its own cleaner because it reacts with fats and oils to create soap. This action is in addition to the action of other ingredients. RED HOT has a strong chemical “bite” needed for tough jobs. RED HOT concentrate has a pH of 13.0 to 13.5; therefore, you should use gloves and goggles for extra protection.


Removes Stubborn Soils

RED HOT is the product of choice for removal of petroleum soils in a pressure washing/steam cleaner operation. RED HOT is a heavy duty chemical cleaner designed to remove stubborn soils and petroleum based muds and greases from oil rigs and off-road industrial equipment. RED HOT is an excellent multi-purpose degreaser and it is very cost effective. Because it is extremely concentrated, it may be diluted with a great deal of water.


A Cold Soak Degreaser

RED HOT has been proven effective as a cold soak degreaser when utilized at full strength. Grease, oil and most paints (example: valve cover paint) can be stripped from ferrous metals by soaking in RED HOT for 1 to 24 hours. It should be noted when RED HOT is used to clean equipment that you should first spot test a small area of the soiled surface. RED HOT contains highly alkaline materials that may dull gloss paints, or damage aluminum and other soft metals, if applied at too strong a concentration. Generally, dilutions of 1:40 or greater have no effect on quality paint, if rinsed before any drying occurs.


Effective Pressure Washer Cleaner

RED HOT cleans most effectively when applied through a pressure washer. In such equipment, the metering system should be set to deliver from 1:10 to a 1:60 dilution, depending on severity of the soil deposits and the nature of the surface to be cleaned. Generally, when using a pressure washer for heavy deposits, you dilute at 1:10 up to 1:25. For pressure washing light to medium soil, dilute 1:60 up to 1:80. Take extra care to protect paint and soft metals from strong concentrations of RED HOT.


Excellent Concrete Floor Cleaner

RED HOT is a deep red liquid detergent that is easily mixed with water. It requires little or no agitation and does not settle out. This means the customer gets to spend less time mixing and more time cleaning with great results. RED HOT makes an excellent concrete floor cleaner. It does a great job of removing oils and greases. Mix RED HOT at 1:10 up to 1:20 according to the amount of soil. Mop or spray on floors. Agitate heavy areas and rinse. When you use RED HOT in a floor scrubber, the best mixture is 1:40 for most floors.


For Degreasing With Pump Sprayer

RED HOT may also be used in a garden type sprayer or applied with a brush to pre-clean heavy soiled deposits prior to routine cleaning. Concentrations ranging from full strength to 1:10 are applied to the soiled surface, allowed to soak, and pressure rinsed clean. For most applications when you use a spray pump, mix RED HOT at 1:5 to 1:10 for heavy soil. Use RED HOT at 1:15 up to 1:25 for light to medium soils. Allow five to ten minutes and then rinse the RED HOT mixture thoroughly. Extra care must be taken to protect automobile and equipment paint from strong mixtures of RED HOT.