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Provides Added Protection:

Texas Refinery Corp’s MOLY HI-TEMP contains one of the most effective dry film lubricating substances known to science . . . molybdenum disulfide. This material plays a vital part in making MOLY HI-TEMP one of the most effective greases on the international market today. Ordinary grease (which is without “moly”) is formulated to lubricate a specific piece of equipment in which it is used. Under certain conditions, however, the equipment load becomes such that no liquid or semi-fluid lubricant can maintain a film between the metal components. When this occurs, “moly” comes into play, keeping metal-to-metal contact to a minimum with a film of “moly” particles rubbing against each other. MOLY HI-TEMP contains 3% molybdenum disulfide.

Full product specs:


Never Melts

MOLY HI-TEMP never melts, as do many so-called high temperature greases. As temperatures become excessive, the oil in the outside layers of MOLY HI-TEMP tends to volatilize, leaving the molybdenum disulfide to lubricate. Under conditions of high temperatures, periodic flushing with MOLY HI-TEMP helps keep bearings in “perfect health.”


Reduces Friction

All metal surfaces are rough, and actually have tiny hills and valleys when examined under great magnification. The “moly” in MOLY HI-TEMP builds up in the valleys and on the sides of the hills of a surface, providing dry film lubrication. Bearings coated with MOLY HI-TEMP become increasingly smooth. Moly is rubbing against moly, keeping metal parts apart. Friction is naturally reduced and wear to metal parts is kept at a minimum.


Resists Moisture

Water can be a damaging culprit to any metal surface, causing rust and corrosion in a short amount of time. MOLY HI-TEMP is virtually unaffected by hot or cold water, thus providing protection against rusting and corrosion of metal parts. Water contamination will no longer relate to lubrication problems with MOLY HI-TEMP.


Withstands Extreme Pressure

In addition to performing as a high temperature grease, MOLY HI-TEMP also withstands severe pressures. Many greases on the market which are resistant to high temperatures do not hold up when extreme pressures are exerted. MOLY HI-TEMP’s 55 pound Timken OK Load Rating is exceptional compared to other high temperature greases. This is just another example of how MOLY HI-TEMP can reduce the high cost of downtime.



MOLY HI-TEMP is as versatile as it is practical. Representing the nearest approach to a universal grease, MOLY HI-TEMP lubricates under normal as well as severe temperatures. Whether heavy-duty equipment is starting, stopping or running at normal speed, it needs MOLY HI-TEMP – – engineered to never melt, to withstand severe pressures, and to help eliminate galling, scoring, and welding of bearing surfaces. MOLY HI-TEMP’s matchless quality saves time, money and worry!