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Tru-Li-Fine Rig Wash

TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® is a pleasant smelling, non-dusting, mild, white powdered, cleaning compound. It is composed of selected wetting and penetrating agents as well as alkaline detergents. It contains extra amounts of water softening agents to provide added cleaning power. TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® was originally developed for the oilfield industry, but it has been found to be capable of cleaning vehicles, pumps, tools, and would you believe even doing manual dishwashing?

Full product specs:


Safe To Use

TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® is safe to use anywhere it is safe to use water for cleaning. As a hand car and truck washing material, TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® penetrates normal dirt, road film, oil soils and floats them away – – leaving a sparkling clean surface. TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® is used at concentrations of ½ to 2 ounces per gallon of water for truck and car washing. For maximum results, pre-mix TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® in a small amount of water. When the TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® is dissolved, add remainder of water to make a solution at correct concentration.


Steam Cleaners

TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® is sometimes used as a steam cleaner compound. A concentration of 2 to 4 ounces of TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® per gallon of water makes a great steam cleaner solution. That solution can be used to wash rigs, tools, and equipment.


Power Washers

TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® is excellent to power wash vehicles. In power spray washing, recommend a concentration of TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® at 1 pound per 50 gallons of water. Pre-mix by filling a container with water and adding required amount of TRU-LIFINE RIG WASH®. Transfer this concentrate to the solution tank on the cleaning unit when all the TRULI-FINE RIG WASH® is dissolved. Proper cleaning procedures are recommended for the best results with TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH®. Use cold water, wash vehicles out of the sun and pre-cool surfaces by hosing with tap water. Lightly scrub heavily soiled areas with a sponge, cloth or soft brush. Wash surfaces from the bottom up and rinse from the top down to avoid streaking. Hose rinse and allow to dry. Spot dry metal and glass surfaces.



TRU-LI-LINE RIG WASH ® is made with biodegradable ingredients. TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® that finds it’s way into streams or water treatment plants is decomposed by the treatment organisms, thus reducing water pollution problems. TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® has a pH of less than 10 in use concentrations making it mild and gentle to hands and any hand washing application.


Hand Dishwashing

For dishwashing applications, use TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® at a concentration of ½ to 2 ounces per gallon of water. For best results, water should be at least 106 to 110°F. Soils are soaked off making excessive scouring unnecessary. When using TRULI-FINE RIG WASH® animal and vegetable soils are quickly removed from dishes and cooking utensils.


100% Active and 100% Soluble

TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH ® has many advantages. It is safe on painted surfaces when used at recommended dilution ratios. TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® is mild to the hands and clothing of personnel. TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® has a highly effective wetting action to ensure excellent penetration of the soil and also provides a sheet flow rinse. TRU-LI-FINE RIG WASH® contains special additives to ensure adequate water hardness control and detergency value even in hard water areas. TRU-LIFINE RIG WASH® contains no fillers (100% active and 100% soluble), is easy to use and is economical.