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880 Crown & Chassis Extreme


The development of 880 Crown & Chassis Extreme Grease began with a need. Our Canadian Division needed an all-weather, commercial grease that offers the functionality of a cold-weather low-temperature grease for winter conditions and a hot weather high-temperature grease for summer conditions. 880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME is that grease. It offers year-round usage capabilities, maintaining the consistency of an NLGI #2 grease but will pump like a NLGI #00 grease at –40°F, while providing the high-level performance and protection expected from the original “grease with gold flakes”.

Full product specs:

A Multi-Season Synthetic Grease

There are many greases that claim their product will pump at -40°F, but in reality very few greases will pump easily at this temperature, while still providing the necessary protection.   880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME was field-tested by our Canadian Division for over a year and customers were 100% satisfied with the results.  The well-known 880 Crown & Chassis, “the grease with the red flakes”, was enhanced with full-synthetic base oils and the chemistry has been remarkable.

Offers Outstanding Extreme Pressure Protection

Just like our core 880 Crown & Chassis we have sold for decades, the new EXTREME version is also formulated with a 100 lb.Timken OK Load, providing significant extreme pressure protection for heavy-duty applications.  880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME will protect your equipment, where other greases fall short.  Since it is very adhesive and cohesive, this means the grease will not pound out and will stay put in applications like u-joints, kingpins, and more.


Superior Pumpability At Low Temperatures

In harsh, winter climates the 880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME should be your go-to grease every time.  Operators won’t mind greasing with this product, because it will flow easily, even through a hand operated grease gun.  In our research laboratory, the product was pumped through a hand operated grease gun to well below -50°F without any problems.  No matter the climate, this grease is ready to work when you are!


Remarkable Water Resistance

Just like our original product, the EXTREME version of 880 Crown & Chassis is remarkably water resistant.  Whether the water comes from snow, from washdowns or even in applications underwater for short periods of time – other greases just can’t perform like 880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME.  The ability to resist washout means superior protection against wear and less grease being consumed. 

880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME is also fortified to prevent rusting, corrosion, oxidation, seizing and pitting under adverse water conditions.


An Extremely Versatile Grease

With its low operating temperature of -40°F, combined with its dropping point of 310°F, 880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME provides unmatched versatility.  It is the perfect grease for an endless list of applications such as snowplows, outside pump drives, aggregate plants, excavating equipment, trucks, mining, drilling, water treatment facilities, lock and dams, recycling plants, logging, marine applications and so much more.  880 Crown & Chassis EXTREME can outperform, as a #2 grease, where other greases may have been specified to use a #1 or even a #0 for flowability.