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Ultra-Tec Extreme Gear Lube

Ultra-Tec Extreme Gear Lube

Ultra-Tec Extreme Gear Lube provides remarkable performance in the coldest, harshest environments. The unique formulation is fortified with a superior additive package that adds protection, lowers the pour point, provides superior extreme pressure chemistry, increases rust and oxidation inhibitors, all while reducing foaming, lowering operating temperatures, and extending the life of equipment.

Full product specs:


Extreme Weather Performance

When temperatures drop to arctic levels, Ultra-Tec Extreme maintains equipment’s peak operation, with a Pour Point of -58°F. Even in the harshest of winters, Ultra-Tec Extreme maintains the performance level that sets it apart from other gear oils on the market. There are many competitive products on the market that claim to flow at these low temperatures, only to be an issue for customers and their equipment.

Full Synthetic Formula

With a 100% Synthetic base, not only is the life of equipment extended, but so are service times. The enhanced formula extends cold flow properties without sacrificing the warmer month performance. Ultra-Tec Extreme Gear Lube has built-in versatility to allow it to be used in a variety of over-the-road, off-road, and stationary gear boxes..


Protects Against Water Contamination

As temperatures change, more condensation forms. This condensation tends to lead to excess foam inside gear boxes. Ultra-Tec Extreme clings to the metal and separates from the water, this increases protection against rust and oxidation. In winter environments moisture is always present, Ultra-Tec Extreme provides a level of performance in the face of water contamination that is unlike other gear lubes. It will also prevent foaming from occurring inside the gear box, thus decreasing foam and excessive heat.

Protection to the Extreme

The unique blend of additives allows for Ultra-Tec Extreme to cushion, cling, and protect vital gears against premature wear and failure. A robust amount of extreme pressure chemistry makes the difference in fortification against high shock loads, high vibrations, and heavy-duty hauling situations. Combination of added polymer technology with enriched chemistry, work together to reduce heat, increase oxidation stability, protect against rust and corrosion, and prevent gums and varnish from forming.