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Texas Refinery Corp’s AIR-COOLED TWO CYCLE ENGINE OIL is a significant improvement over the ordinary oils on the market. TRC’s oils go through a vigorous refining process where hand-picked additives are combined to address the needs of air-cooled two-cycle gasoline engines.

Full product specs:


Special Added Synthetics

Special synthetics are added to increase AIR-COOLED TWO CYCLE ENGINE OIL’s film thickness, viscosity and thermal stability. These synthetics prevent engine deposits, ring sticking, chemical wear, and varnish formation. Newer air-cooled engines run at higher rpm’s creating more heat and pressure, thus another reason for synthetic additives. Also, replacing some of the oil with synthetics lessens the chance of equipment smoking when properly mixed with gasoline.


Reduces Smoking

The use of two-cycle gasoline engines for air-cooled operations (chain saws, generator sets, motorcycles) has grown dramatically. These types of engines are ideally suited to these applications because of their light weight, relatively low cost, and ease of maintenance. The air-cooled engines that burn a combination of gasoline and oil are particularly useful under low temperature operating conditions because they eliminate the cooling system problems inherent to liquid-cooled engines at freezing temperatures.


Increased Viscosity

The blend of additives in high quality base stocks gives us increased viscosity. This gives improved film strength and less wear on the moving parts.


Increased Thermal Stability

A different detergent package has been used in Texas Refinery Corp’s AIR-COOLED TWO CYCLE ENGINE OIL. This gives better high temperature performance and much improved cleanliness of the engine.


Mixes Easily

AIR-COOLED TWO-CYCLE ENGINE OIL’s special formulation allows for improved dilution into the fuel, particularly in cold weather.
Texas Refinery Corp’s AIR-COOLED TWO CYCLE ENGINE OIL may also be used in units where the oil is injected into the gasoline from a separate compartment as well as those units where the oil and gas is pre-mixed.
This oil is designed to help eliminate mixing difficulties such as stratification. This is when a gas-oil mixture does not mix properly resulting in the mixture burning either lean, without much lubrication, or rich, with too much oil and not enough fuel. This problematic situation occurs when the oil does not stay completely diluted in the fuel. TRC takes precautions to prevent this phenomena from occurring.
CAUTION: Do not use Texas Refinery Corp’s AIR-COOLED TWO-CYCLE ENGINE OIL in marine two cycle gasoline engines.