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Texas Refinery Corp. is known for its many superb greases. MILLENNIUM 2200 is an extremely versatile grease with a wide range of applications. This grease contains both molybdenum disulfide and graphite to reduce friction and wear.

Full product specs:



MILLENNIUM 2200 will find its way in such a wide variety of applications, it’s really impossible to mention all of them. Examples would be the automatic centralized lube systems found both in industrial plants and mobile equipment. In addition, MILLENNIUM 2200 can be used in leaky gear boxes, gang mowers, track rollers, irrigation circles, oscillating arms, cutter heads, trams, pump cases, chain cases, trailer wheel hubs, and cold weather applications.


Contains Moly and Graphite Solid Film Lubricants

The dry film lubricants molybdenum disulfide and graphite have both been added to MILLENNIUM 2200. Both of these solid film lubricants do a good job of reducing friction and heat as well as metal-to-metal contact. These solid film lubricants provide additional lubricity and anti-seize properties under a wide variety of conditions. They perform in low, medium, and high temperatures. Moving parts are actually shielded from one another by the thin film of molybdenum disulfide and graphite. Friction and wear rates, as well as operating temperatures, will decrease because of the friction fighting characteristics.


Flows Easily

MILLENNIUM 2200 was developed using a slightly tacky grease thickener that is well known for water resistance. In addition, a special oil was chosen for its ability to flow in cold weather and to provide protection in warm weather. The ability to flow makes MILLENNIUM 2200 an ideal product for automatic centralized lube systems manufactured by, but not limited to, Alemite, Farval, Graco, Groeneveld, Ingersol-Rand, Lincoln Industrial, Lubriquip, Safematic, Trabon and Vogel.


Has 65 Lb. Timken OK Load

Extreme pressure chemistry has been added to the formula for MILLENNIUM 2200. The Timken OK Load of 65 pounds is incredible for light weight greases. This makes the product ideal to replace gear lubricant in certain leaky gear boxes such as bat wing mowers or gang mowers. Naturally, MILLENNIUM 2200 is not intended for use in hypoid gear sets such as truck differentials.


Long Lasting

Part of the formula included in MILLENNIUM 2200 is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant. This makes the grease suitable for places where long life is necessary. This is extremely important when you are replacing gear lubricant in leaky gear boxes such as bat wing mowers. Ordinary greases oxidize much too quickly to be of value in such an application, but MILLENNIUM 2200 can last a long time in the right applications.


Reduces Noise

MILLENNIUM 2200 is chosen over other gear lubricants for industrial gear boxes, particularly if the machines have become worn and the gears, bearings and shafts have developed excessive slack where a semi-fluid grease would provide better protection. MILLENNIUM 2200 can quiet the noisy operation as the thicker films provided by MILLENNIUM 2200 cushion the excessive movement and significantly reduce the noise level. The solid lubricants, molybdenum disulfide and graphite are key components which contribute to noise reduction.