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Supreme 80 Pivot Lube

Supreme 80 Pivot Lube

SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE is an extreme pressure, semi-fluid lubricant specially designed for the gear drives in irrigation pivots. This unique application calls for a specific set of lubrication characteristics, designed to reduce common failures and costly downtime.

Full product specs:


Extreme Pressure Grease – 80 lb. Timken OK Load

SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE is especially effective for high pressure applications. With a Timken OK Load of 80 pounds minimum, SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE meets special lubrication needs, providing the ultimate in extreme pressure protection.


Adhesive and Cohesive

The special “tackiness” additives in SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE makes it a very practical lubricant. Its ability to stay put not only reduces lubricant consumption, but also provides outstanding protection against metal to metal contact. It clings to metal, sealing out dust, moisture, rust and corrosion. These attributes along with its cold weather capability make it the perfect lubricant for this application.


Superior Anti-Wear Protection

The properties found in SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE allows it to coat all metal surfaces within the gear box and then cling to those metal surfaces, offering protection even in the climate of constant moisture. This gives SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE unbeatable anti-wear protection.


Very Water Resistant

Impervious to Water, SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE is the perfect lubricant for this application. Where other lubricants will wash off in the constant presence of moisture, SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE simply “Stays Put.”


Protects Against Gear Scoring

SUPREME 80 PIVOT LUBE due to its remarkable adhesive and cohesive properties, clings to metal surfaces while remaining bonded together to prevent metal-to-metal contact. This level of protection prevents metal fatigue and extends the life of the gearbox.