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Moly Universal Gear Lubricant

MOLY UNIVERSAL GEAR LUBRICANT is formulated to meet the stringent requirements demanded by today’s equipment. The increase in power output to gear systems demands a superior gear lubricant that will protect against the stresses on the bearings and gear teeth. MOLY UNIVERSAL GEAR LUBRICANT provides protection from high speed, adverse conditions, high film strength, tackiness and excellent water separation properties. The addition of molybdenum disulfide to the base oil helps extend the efficiency and life of the equipment.

Full product specs:


Extreme Pressure Approved

Developed as an extreme pressure multi-purpose lubricant, MOLY UNIVERSAL is able to carry the heavy loads on bearings and gears in today’s equipment. MOLY UNIVERSAL is formulated with sulfur phosphorus additives to provide desirable performance, without being highly corrosive or toxic. The additives react under heat and pressure with the metal surfaces to form a microscopic coating that is an excellent load bearing surface and acts as a self-perpetuating lubricant. Axle test L-37 and axle test L-42 show excellent protection for gear sets using MOLY UNIVERSAL. Bench testing verified that MOLY UNIVERSAL has excellent extreme pressure additives.


Contains A Dry Film Additive

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), an extremely effective dry lubricant, is added to the base oil to provide extra protection against friction. This compound has been tested in various test equipment to determine its performance characteristics. Measurements with MoS2 have been recorded with pressures as high as 500,000 psi, beyond the yield strength of most metals, without causing galling or seizing. MoS2 has been added to MOLY UNIVERSAL to provide a definite advantage when loads are high and the normal lubricating film cannot handle the pressure.


Adhesive and Cohesive

In most gear operations, the need for the lubricant to adhere and move with the gears is essential. MOLY UNIVERSAL has been formulated to provide increased adhesion and cohesion. These added qualities prevent excessive dripping and splattering of the lubricant and help to retain sufficient tackiness on the gear teeth, thus resisting the action of centrifugal force. This “built-in” protection provides excellent lubrication while the gears are in motion or as they sit idle, keeping the gear teeth coated upon start-up. Even in the presence of moisture, MOLY UNIVERSAL will completely coat all metal parts, protecting against wear, rust, and corrosion.


Protects Against Moisture Corrosion

Constant heating and cooling of equipment can form moisture, even in a tightly sealed gear case. The normal day-night cycle can cause excessive moisture build-up simply through condensation. Moisture on gears not only can cause rusting, but moisture can also lead to inadequate protection by not allowing a gear lubricant to coat all metal surfaces. MOLY UNIVERSAL provides excellent protection against moisture corrosion, as evidenced in the results from the seven day moisture corrosion axle test.


Contains Foam Inhibitors

Under normal circumstances, enclosed gears are partially submerged in gear lubricant. As foam is produced, the level of gear lubricant drops and the gears run dry; thus defeating the purpose of a gear lubricant. Foam in an enclosed gear case tends to trap heat, rather than transfer it from the gears to the casing. The end result of foaming in gear cases can be distortion of metals, blown seals, and overall inadequate protection of gear parts. MOLY UNIVERSAL contains foam inhibitors to keep foaming at a minimum. In the ASTM D-892 Foam Test, MOLY UNIVERSAL shows no tendency to foam.