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Troxymite Epoxy Resurfacer

TROXYMITE is an epoxy resin based, concrete-like material for fast, easy, economical resurfacing and patching of wood, concrete, metal and other surfaces. It may be used indoors or out on a rigid non-vibrating surface.

Full product specs:



TROXYMITE’s unique formulation is designed to actually strengthen the surface to which it is applied. Tests have shown that TROXYMITE is FIVE TIMES STRONGER THAN CONCRETE. The product is highly resistant to solvents, alkalis, salts and most acids, making it the ideal protective topping where spillage of such industrial products occur.


Adheres To Multiple Surfaces

The epoxy resin in TROXYMITE is one of the most adhesive substances known. TROXYMITE gives excellent adhesion on non-vibrating surfaces of wood, masonry, concrete, ferrous metals, most nonferrous metals, and painted surfaces when the paint is securely bonded to the surface.


Abrasion Resistant

TROXYMITE is difficult to grind away. An example of its resistance to abrasion is in the grain storage industry. Grain Elevator Companies have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs by applying TROXYMITE in critical high-abrasion areas of their operations such as the interior of elbows of metal grain chutes. TROXYMITE is recommended for any rigid surface which must withstand highly abrasive contact.


Quick Curing

A TROXYMITE surface is ready for traffic within 24 hours of application! A maintenance crew can lay down a new floor of TROXYMITE over the weekend and it will be ready for “business as usual” on Monday morning.



TROXYMITE is priced competitively with most other resurfacing and patching compounds, but due to its unique characteristics, TROXYMITE is in a class by itself. You get more for your money in strength, non-shrinking, safety, wear and chemical resistance with TROXYMITE.


Easy To Apply

By following the three basic steps – – – preparing the surface, mixing procedures and method of application found in the instruction sheet – – – TROXYMITE can be applied successfully with unskilled help.