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Selecting the best tractor or hydraulic fluid is an important decision when it comes to protecting the durability and performance of these sophisticated hydraulic systems.  And, it is important to know that all tractor fluids are not created equal.  Some fluids on the market, with low performing additive packages, can result in mechanical problems that lead to increased downtime and shorter equipment life.  That’s why Tractorlife.com has launched a campaign to endorse hydraulic tractor fluids that meet OEM credentials, providing optimal protection for equipment, and making sure the product chemistry is authentic.

Texas Refinery Corp’s UTF RED, and Universal Torque Fluid, were the first fluids in the United States to proudly display the Tractorlife.com Authenticated Mark!

Full product specs:


Reduces The Effects On Loaded Gears

UTF RED offers many important benefits, including exceptional anti-wear protection. The slightly tacky nature of the product helps it cling to gears extremely well and absorb shock load produced by variations in load and drive, engine torque or vibration, shifting, and wheel slip. UTF RED will also reduce the impact caused by the meshing of gears, particularly during start-up.

In fact, it has passed the CRC L-20 axle test used to define the API GL-4 high torque requirement. UTF RED showed no pitting in gear testing, while the test allowed two to four inches of pitting length. The axle test showed less than 5 micrometers wear with UTF RED even though the test allowed for up to 86 micrometers of wear.


Protects Hydraulic Pumps

UTF RED’s formulation has a superior anti-wear zinc additive level of .20, which is four to five times the zinc found in most conventional oils. As a result of this extra anti-wear enrichment, in the John Deere JDQ95 Wear Test, UTF RED showed impressive results. In this John Deere test, less than 0.018mm wear occurred in the Sun Pinion Wear Test, which shows exceptional protection from increased anti-wear chemistry.


Resists Foaming

Liquids are basically incompressible, but when air bubbles are introduced into a system, it becomes a problem. Since air is compressible, a fluid contaminated with air bubbles, will compress and does not transmit full pressure in a hydraulic system.

Texas Refinery Corp. faces this problem head-on by incorporating large amounts of excellent foam inhibitors in UTF RED – – when the foam is kept to a minimum, operation will not be hampered. Temperatures can be reduced, film thickness of the oil can be maintained, and pressures and power in the system can be optimized.


Thermal & Oxidation Stability

Fluid oxidation is a chemical reaction between the fluid and oxygen. Oxidation can be responsible for viscosity increase, varnish formation, sludge and sediment formation, additive depletion, base oil breakdown, filter plugging, loss in anti-foam properties, acid number increase, as well as rust and corrosion. Controlling oxidation is a significant challenge in trying to extend the life of the  lubricant. Texas Refinery Corp. formulates UTF Red with new generation base oils that are more oxidation stable and a much greater quantity of powerful anti-oxidation chemistry than is necessary to pass equipment manufacturer’s tests.

As a result, UTF RED handles high temperatures and provides severe oxidation protection. In the John Deere JDQ23 Oxidation Stability Test, They allow for a 10% increase in viscosity due to oxidation. The UTF Red only increased by 1.3% due to the increased oxidation additives incorporated in this fluid.


Suppresses Brake Chatter

Most OEM’s produce tractors with a wet brake system, where the brakes are encased in the tractor’s axle housing and bathed in oil, which cools them under heavy loads.  Frictional characteristics of a tractor hydraulic fluid are important to reduce noise (brake chatter), but still provide high brake capacity.  As a high performance fluid, UTF Red contains boosted additive chemistry to improve braking capacity for safety and prevent brake chatter for comfort.  UTF Red’s technology provided extremely quiet performance, and stopping distance, in John Deere, Massey-Ferguson and New Holland tractor tests.


Reduces Pump Cavitation

The outstanding foam inhibitors in UTF RED also provide additional benefits – – the reduction of pump cavitation. If a fluid foams, this leaves air cavities in the liquid and the fluid does not entirely fill the space provided for it in the pump. This creates an action similar to an implosion which chips away small particles of the metal parts of the pump, adds excessive noise and causes pump vibration. A pump that is allowed to continually cavitate will soon have some seriously eroded parts, not to mention sluggish or erratic operation.

UTF RED has been formulated to provide the ultimate in protection against pump cavitation. Systems using UTF RED will run cooler, operate with less noise, and the system will operate at peak efficiency.