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Quick-Dry Anti-Oxidene Coating

QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE is a bituminous asphalt coating.  As a base coat this product can resist the constant attack of oxidation and corrosion on various surfaces.  Primarily developed as a protective base coating for metal, tests show that it has good resistance to moisture, acid fumes, salt air, and silage acid making it excellent for use in coastal areas and industrial sites everywhere.  Also, it can be used inside concrete silos to protect from damage due to silage acid attack.

Full product specs:


Provides Protection

Exposed porous and nonporous surfaces are in constant danger from oxidation and corrosion.  If the damage is not prevented or detected early, it may result in significant expense. This product is an excellent base coat to protect all porous and nonporous surfaces. 


Adheres & Penetrates

This easy to apply asphalt coating is specially formulated to penetrate damaged areas thereby retarding the spread of further corrosion.  For best results, remove any rust or scale before applying Quick-Dry Anti-Oxidene Coating. The adhesive and penetrating qualities of this product give it the superior bonding to metal, concrete, and other surfaces.  It resists oxidation and corrosion on porous and nonporous materials caused by moisture, most dilute acids, alkalis, saltwater or salt spray, stack fumes and other pollutants. 


Surface Preparation

When applying any protective coating, preparation of the surface is key.  Dirt and grime, loose scale, peeling paint, rust flakes, or other loose material can be removed with a wire brush or scraper.  Sanding rusted areas down to bright metal is not necessary with TRC Rust Remover. Any surface must be completely dry prior to application of this product.


Protects Concrete Silos From Silage Acids

The inside walls of expensive concrete silos can be vulnerable to destructive silage acids.  Quick- Dry Anti-Oxidene Coating forms a tough film to help protect concrete. During the application process, adequate ventilation and proper respiratory protection must be used.  For further details regarding the use of this product, contact our home offices for information. 



Gives effective, long-lasting protection at a lower cost than most standard coatings even under adverse conditions such as salt air and silage acids.  This easy to use product requires no expensive equipment for application.