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Pro-Spec® V Synthetic Blend

Pro-Spec® V Synthetic Blend

PRO-SPEC® V SYNTHETIC BLEND Engine Oil meets the American Petroleum Institute’s CK-4 category designation for diesel engines and provides superior protection against wear and oxidation compared with conventional CJ-4 oils, as well as improved shear stability and faster air release.

PRO-SPEC® V SYNTHETIC BLEND is backwards compatible with CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4 and CH-4 oils.

Full product specs:


Exceptional Wear Protection

PRO-SPEC® V SYNTHETIC BLEND provides five times better wear protection compared to the Detroit Diesel guidelines for cylinder liner wear protection.  In the Cummins ISM engine test, PRO-SPEC® V provided a significant improvement over other CK-4 oils in crosshead weight loss and for Mack engines, a 56% improvement in cylinder liner protection was seen.  By providing significant wear protection, PRO-SPEC® V can help your engine operate at maximum efficiency and provide the best solution for extended engine life.


Maximizes Oil Drain Intervals

With the additive chemistry formulated into PRO-SPEC® V, it exceeds the oxidation control requirements of the CK-4 limits, the Cummins 20086/20087 parameters, and the Volvo VDS-4.5 specification.  In fact, Volvo has indicated drain intervals can be extended by roughly 20% with PRO-SPEC® since it exceeds the VDS-4.5 performance specification.


The Right Balance For Optimum Performance

While PRO-SPEC® V affords the best wear protection, it also improves fuel economy by providing the right high temperature/high shear viscosity balance.  When compared to a convention CJ-4 engine oil in the 15W/40 viscosity, PRO-SPEC® V in the 10W/30 viscosity showed a 1% improvement in fuel economy testing in Class 8 long-haul applications and a 3.5% improvement in Class 6 stop and go applications. PRO-SPEC® V can provide optimum wear protection and a fuel economy savings for you at the same time!