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For decades, Paragon 3000 has been the best value in grease in North America. Always striving for excellence, we felt there was still room for improvement and have now introduced our Paragon 3000 EXTREME. With full synthetic base oils, combined with our unique chemistry and performance – another revolutionary product was developed! Paragon 3000 EXTREME can go from extreme cold to extreme hot, making it the perfect grease for manufacturing facilities, steel mills, snow operations, excavating and construction equipment, mining, quarries, logging, marine equipment, and other industries who would like one grease to cover over ninety percent of their applications!

Full product specs:



Among other extreme pressure greases on the market, our Paragon 3000 Grease has long been admired in the industry for its performance in use, but now our Paragon 3000 EXTREME has raised the bar even further. Paragon 3000 EXTREME’s water washout test results improved by 9% over the Paragon 3000 with results of 0.59%. This new formula also improved the Dropping Point by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and had an exceptional Low Temp Torque Test result of 1.14 Nm at -40°F and 0.42 Nm at -22°F.


Paragon 3000 EXTREME, like other top-selling TRC greases, provides exceptional extreme pressure protection for equipment with an industry best 100 lb. Timken OK Load. No matter what industry you are in, when it comes to protecting your equipment investment, reducing downtime is critical and with Paragon 3000 EXTREME’s ability to protect metal surfaces and not pound out during operation means your equipment will receive the protection needed in harsh conditions to keep you operational.



We listened to our customers in northern climates, who can face tough winter weather and continue to work in less-than-ideal situations. With other commercial synthetic greases on the market, operators still find difficulty pumping those greases in extreme conditions even though they contain synthetic base oils. That is not the case with Paragon 3000 EXTREME – it provides peace of mind for equipment managers to keep equipment properly lubricated and operating down to -40°F. When the seasons change, Paragon 3000 EXTREME will also provide the same protection of a #2 grade grease without the fear of thinning. With all the protective qualities Paragon 3000 EXTREME provides, it is unmatched in the industry.