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Hydrate Plus NF

TRC’s Hydrate Plus NF has been approved as an adjuvant to be tank mixed with Monsanto Xtendimax With Vaporgrip® technology, as well as Dupont’s FeXapan Plus Vaporgrip® technology for use on Roundup Ready 2Xtend® soybeans and Bollgard II®XtendFlex® cotton technology.

Thanks to the full-bodied viscosity of Hydrate Plus NF, there is no need to add a Drift Reduction Agent (DRA) with the tank mix.

For many years, farmers have been fighting herbicide resistant weeds with minimal success. The Midwest and Southeast states battle large numbers of resistant weeds — Illinois farmers fight 27 unique resistant weeds, while Kansas farmers fight 26 unique resistant weeds and Mississippi farmers fight 22 species. Both Monsanto and Dupont received EPA approval for a low-volatility dicamba herbicide to help control glyphosate-resistant weed species and be used with the Roundup Ready®Xtend Crop system in 2017. The Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System for soybeans is the industry’s first biotech product with tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides, and Bollgard II® XtendFlex® for cotton, providing tolerance to three herbicides, dicamba, glyphosate and glufosinate.

‘A versatile surfactant’

The Vaporgrip technology is a proprietary technology developed by Monsanto that introduces a significant reduction in volatility potential compared to dicamba formulations previously on the market. With such a unique technology, guidelines were established and approvals are now required to determine if the herbicide, drift reduction agent or adjuvant can be mixed with Xtendimax or FeXapan and which spray nozzle must be used.

American farmers across the nation have found Hydrate Plus NF to be superior in helping to control herbicide resistant weeds and at the recommended ratio it proves to be an extremely economical solution needed by farmers in this critical and costly battle they face every crop season.

Texas Refinery Corp has been a powerful ally in fighting herbicide resistant weeds for years with the use of our Hydrate Plus NF. In order to be approved for use with the Vaporgrip technology, Hydrate Plus NF was put through special wind tunnel testing to prove that it does not adversely affect spray drift properties – and passed with great success. Farmers do not have to use a Drift Reduction Agent (DRA) if they are using Hydrate Plus NF in their tank mixture!