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95 Years Strong

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95th Anniversary

Texas Refinery Corp. celebrated their 95th Anniversary on September 9, 2017.  A company formed in humble roots, co-founders A.M. Pate Sr. and Carl Wollner wanted to provide their customers with a quality product that outperformed the competition.  Fast forward ninety-five years and Chris Pate, fourth generation owner, has maintained the same passion and desire to provide customers with the highest quality product in the industry.  The proof of this passion is evidenced in TRC’s brand new factory in Mansfield, TX, a project that culminated in the first lubricants manufacturing plant built from the ground-up in the last twenty-five years.  Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and safety measures designed to preserve the integrity and quality of the product, TRC makes every effort to produce the best possible product.

To make it ninety-five years in business, a company must have a strong nucleus of salespeople, factory workers, and office staff, all working together to ensure the customer base receives the support they seek. At the heart of TRC’s values is the Golden Rule; a characteristic of the company that was founded on September 8, 1922.  Don Percy, a twenty-six year veteran of the Lubricants Division at Texas Refinery Corp., is one of the 500 salespeople who work for the company that embody the principles that set TRC apart in the specialty lubricants industry.

Mr. Percy earned an illustrious honor from the company for his outstanding sales contributions during a ten-month contest promotion, with the naming of the factory in his honor.

TRC has set themselves apart from the competition with their dedication to excellence and their drive to meet the needs of their customers. Here’s to ninety-five years of success and to at least another ninety-five more of raising the standards for a quality lubricant!