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TIreseal II P.G.


TIRESEAL® II P.G. is a biodegradable version of the very popular and effective TIRESEAL® product. Specially formulated to have no annoying fumes or vapors, safe to the touch and easy to wash off like TIRESEAL®, TIRESEAL® II P.G. has the added chemistry to allow it to be biodegradable for use in areas where there could be potential for water contamination. Easy to use and designed for tough situations, TIRESEAL® II P.G. is the choice when a biodegradable tire sealant is preferred.

Full product specs:


Easy To Use

Installing TIRESEAL® II P.G. requires very little time and effort. All you have to do is rotate the valve stem so it is between the ten o’clock and two o’clock positions, remove the valve core, allow the air to escape, pump in the appropriate amount of product, replace the valve core, air the tire back up, and then get back on the road! TIRESEAL® II P.G. is not a “quick fix” product designed to patchwork the puncture until the tire can be fixed; instead, TIRESEAL® II P.G. stops leaks by forming a plug around the puncture. This allows you to keep going without needing to worry about whether or not the puncture will re-open.


Reduces Downtime

Many customers choose to use TIRESEAL® II P.G. as a preventive maintenance product so that they do not have to worry about the possibility of punctures slowing them down while they need their equipment operational. Protecting tires with TIRESEAL® II P.G., ensures that equipment and operator continue to make money instead of lose money while they wait for a tire repair. Designed to protect against punctures in the tread, rim or bead areas, TIRESEAL® II P.G. keeps equipment moving.


Will Not Harm Tires Or Rims

TIRESEAL® II P.G. is chemically inert and does not contain any petroleum solvents, rubber or other compounds that could harm the inside of the tire or the rims. It has been noted that TIRESEAL® II P.G. actually helps to extend the life of a tire by absorbing the heat caused by friction in the tread area, holding that heat in solution and transferring it to other parts of the tire. TIRESEAL® II P.G. also protects rims from welding to the tire due to rust and heat with the inclusion of rust inhibitors. The risk of pitting and corrosion of the metal rims is eliminated with the use of TIRESEAL® II P.G.. Should a tire need to be dismounted for any reason, TIRESEAL® II P.G. can be easily washed out of the tire without the use of special cleaners or solvents!


Contains Anti-Freeze

Fortified with an anti-freeze that has been specially formulated to alter the formation of ice crystals at subfreezing temperatures, TIRESEAL® II P.G. is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Where normal tire sealants would solidify and lose their capabilities, TIRESEAL® II P.G. keeps on functioning like normal. The viscosity of TIRESEAL® II P.G. does increase as the temperature gets colder, but after a few rolls of the tire, the product returns to its gel-like consistency.


For Off-Road Tires

TIRESEAL® II P.G. is designed to be used in any tire that does not exceed 45 miles per hour. Any product present in a tire going at greater speeds runs the risk of creating an imbalance in the tire. Higher speeds also impair the ability of a product to seal punctures. TIRESEAL® II P.G. is typically used in large earth moving equipment, farm tractors, UTV’s, ATV’s, and golf carts. This product works exceptionally well for equipment that operates in areas where mesquite thorns or nails are consistently present.

To determine the amount of product to be used:

  1. Measure the circumference of the outside of the tire (inches)
  2. Measure the tire from bead to bead (in inches)
  3. Multiply the circumference by the bead-bead measurement
  4. Divide that answer by 144
  5. Multiply that answer by .25 to determine the number of pints needed.