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Special Low Temp Universal Torque Fluid


SPECIAL LOW TEMP UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID is a cold weather variation of the very familiar UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID. This product can be used in both mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment giving service flexibility and reducing lubricant inventory.

Full product specs:


Very Low Pour Point

SPECIAL LOW TEMP UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID has a very low pour point of -50°F. (-45°C.) which makes it suitable for cold temperature applications. Many fluids on the market have a pour point of 0°F. (-17.78°C.) and that severely limits their ability to handle cooler weather. The pour point of -50°F. for SPECIAL LOW TEMP UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID means great flexibility for use in a wide variety of temperature ranges including extreme cold.


Enriched With A Superior Additive System

SPECIAL LOW TEMP UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID is built with the same additive system used in the very familiar and proven TRC UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID. This additive system is an exotic cocktail of anti-foam, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, antioxidation, anti-wear, friction modifiers, seal protection, pour depressants and more. The superior quality additives are added in large quantities – – – usually at least 2½ times the necessary amount to pass pump manufacturers tests.


Outstanding Oxidation Stability

Lubricants used in today’s equipment are under greater stress than ever before. Equipment is larger, engine power is up, more hydraulic systems are in use . . . all contributing to increased temperatures in the operating system. As temperatures go up, the oils are subject to more rapid oxidation.

SPECIAL LOW TEMP UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID resists this oxidation two ways . . . first, high quality base stocks are used to resist oxidation. In addition, oxidation inhibitors are added to provide greater stability at elevated temperatures. This means a longer life oil.


Provides Anti-Wear Protection

The high viscosity index (VI of 145) and low pour point (-50°F.) (-45°C) of this oil helps ensure pump start-up at low temperatures, while maintaining oil viscosity at high ambient temperatures. In addition, a very effective anti-wear additive (0.20% Zinc) provides pump protection even in severe service hydraulic applications. This oil is non-corrosive to metal alloys. SPECIAL LOW TEMP UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID is formulated to provide excellent service life while protecting seals and in many cases, reducing leakage because of excellent seal protection ingredients.


Numerous Applications

SPECIAL LOW TEMP UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID is specifically formulated for use in a wide range of applications. While it is an outstanding product for severe cold temperatures it can be used year round for applications where a 20 weight hydraulic or torque converter oil is needed. It’s an outstanding product for hydraulic systems and gear boxes. For tractors in cold weather this product is designed for use in the tractor transmission, final drive, hydraulics, wet brakes and PTO’s.