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Special 303 Fluid

SPECIAL 303 FLUID was originally developed for one specification. Since that time, numerous advances in chemistry and base oils have made the product available for a wide variety of equipment. This product is amber in color. It is designed for systems needing a common oil for hydraulic system, wet clutch, transmission, and/or wet brakes where squawk or chatter is a problem. It is comparable to an SAE 10W/20 fluid.

Full product specs:


Reduces Clutch And Power Take Off Wear

When a tractor with a power take-off driven implement hits an object in the field, the engine should stall quickly enough to prevent clutches and the power take-off unit from slipping and burning up. SPECIAL 303 FLUID stays locked up and stalls in less than one second. This is far faster than the three second stall time permitted in this test. This faster stall time reduces clutch wear and provides prolonged power take-off life. Texas Refinery Corp’s SPECIAL 303 FLUID contains much more clutch & PTO protecting additives than is necessary to pass manufacturers testing.


Protects Gears

SPECIAL 303 FLUID protects gears. One of the test allows up to 86 micrometers of wear. SPECIAL 303 FLUID provides excellent protection and showed less than five micrometers of wear. This naturally means longer equipment life. Texas Refinery Corp. SPECIAL 303 FLUID contains much more gear protection additive than is necessary to pass manufacturers equipment test.


Stops Brake Chatter

Some tractor fluids allow brake chatter. This can mean difficulty in braking and premature brake failure. SPECIAL 303 FLUID reduced brake chatter and stopped the equipment prior to the 25 foot maximum allowed in this test. Many of the competitive fluids, if they were able to stop brake chatter, allowed the tractors to exceed the maximum stopping distance as much as 20%. Naturally, that was unacceptable. Texas Refinery Corp. contains more brake anti-chatter chemistry than is necessary to pass manufacturers test.


Allows Extended Drain Intervals

SPECIAL 303 FLUID is designed to protect seals and hoses and offers protection for those wanting the best preventative maintenance product. Because of its new generation base oil and superior additive package, extended drain intervals are often realized with increased protection of equipment. SPECIAL 303 FLUID controls oxidation through the use of premium base oils and powerful anti-oxidation chemistry to help extend the lubricants operating life and to protect equipment.


Promotes Peak Productivity

SPECIAL 303 FLUID allows quicker cold morning warm up of equipment, as well as, maintains fast hot day time cycles. These fast cycle times improve equipment productivity levels. Cheap oil thins out and will cause reduced productivity and profitability because of slow cycle times. SPECIAL 303 FLUID gives the operator precise control of hydraulic responsiveness. This in turn allows the equipment to operate at peak productivity levels. SPECIAL 303 FLUID contains superior base oils and additives to promote peak productivity.



SPECIAL 303 FLUID’s viscosity is comparable to a 10W/20 fluid. It is formulated to provide the desired performance in various pieces of equipment.