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Outside gears, often referred to as exposed or uncased gears, present a lubrication challenge. Due to the unshielded operation, they are easily contaminated by dust and moisture, with frequent re-lubrication required. To successfully lubricate outside gears, the lubricant must stay on the gear face. It must not slip, sling, or drip off. This is where TAKILUBE meets the challenge!

Full product specs:


Adhesive and Cohesive

As a specialist in heavy-duty lubrication, Texas Refinery Corp. continually searches for new answers to old problems. TAKILUBE, a result of such research, is the answer to problems presented by lubrication of outside gears. Two characteristics of TAKILUBE cause it to have the “stickability” necessary for successful lubrication. One characteristic is adhesion — the ability of TAKILUBE to adhere tightly to the metal surfaces. The other characteristic is cohesion — the ability of TAKILUBE to stay on outside gears, providing continuous lubrication.


Dust Resistant Protection

Another requirement for thorough protection of outside gears is for the lubricant to be resistant to dust contamination. TAKILUBE forms a heavy cushion on the gear face leaving a film of lubricant to shield the gear surfaces. Unconventional thickening agents, different types of cushioning agents, and tackiness agents are combined to keep TAKILUBE on the job — instead of squeezing out. Because of this elastic recoverability, TAKILUBE resists accumulating as a mess on the edge of the outside gears. Pressure, created by meshing of gears, tends to force TAKILUBE to the edges; but the cohesive ability of this outstanding material helps to pull it back into the center of the gear face, assuring a constant film of lubricant protection against dust.



Frequent relubrication with TAKILUBE is not necessary because it sticks to the face of the gears and sticks to itself. It doesn’t “pressure out” at that point of the gear face where pressure is the greatest. Use TAKILUBE to protect your equipment against dust, moisture, and the ravages of wear.


Available In Two Weights

TAKILUBE is available in two weights to handle a wide variety of applications. TAKILUBE summer weight is approximately the consistency of an NLGI #0 weight grease. It provides an immediate heavy gear tooth lubricant film at the instant application is made. TAKILUBE winter weight is the same product with some solvent added which gives it the consistency of approximately NLGI #00 weight grease. Within a short period of time after application of winter weight, the solvent evaporates leaving behind a pliable and “tacky” gear tooth lubricating film.


Protects Against Moisture

Heavy-duty equipment is exposed to the weather, year in and year out. Rain, dew, sleet, snow, even the hosing down of equipment with water, means excessive moisture is present. Materials used in TAKILUBE are highly resistant to moisture. TAKILUBE’s superior bonding quality protects metal against damage from moisture. It forms a shield of water-resistant protection.



TAKILUBE, in its two weights, is an excellent lubricant for outside gears but it also has several other applications. For instance, both weights are used to lubricate dipper sticks, racks, slides, and fifth wheels.