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Special SF Open Gear Lubricant

SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT is designed to replace the traditional heavy products distilled from crude oil (the so called asphaltics or residuals) that are used to lubricate open gears. Those asphalt base compounds had to be thinned with solvent so they could be sprayed on the gears. Then, of course, the solvent evaporated – – – leaving behind the sticky compound used to lubricate the gears.

Full product specs:


Solvent Free

Texas Refinery Corp is leading the way with SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT because it contains no dilutant. In fact the SF in this product’s name means solvent free. As we all are aware some solvents used in older technology were damaging to our atmopshere and in some cases were hazardous to the workers in the immediate area.


Often Used In Spray Type Application

This open gear lubricant is generally used in areas where large open gears are in service. Those industries would include, but not be limited to, the following: coal fire power generation; mining-iron, copper and other minerals; ceramics; cement; sugar beet processing; paint; glass and sand production. Most automatic lubrication systems are designed to spray close to or on the bull gear and then the product is transferred from tooth to tooth as the mill is in operation. Asphaltic materials plug lines and the lubricant does not get to the bull gear and pinion as planned. With Texas Refinery Corp’s SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT the spray system functions as designed – – – eliminating gear wear by providing positive cushioning lubricant at all times.


Helps Reduce Housekeeping Cost

Most of the gear systems that will use SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT use a shroud to cover the gears. Asphaltic compounds sling off onto the shroud creating a real housekeeping nightmare. Texas Refinery Corp’s SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT will not accumulate on interior surfaces of open gear shrouds. This eliminates the need for periodic cleanup which causes production interruptions. Also eliminated is the accumulation of asphalt materials in the roots of the teeth that interfere with the meshing teeth. This interference sometimes causes misalignment and premature wear. This can be eliminated with the use of SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT.


Provides EP Protection

The great thing about Texas Refinery Corp’s SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT is its ability to provide sufficient film thickness to separate pressure flanks under normal loads; plus it is fortified to resist rupture of this film under shock loads. The product will readily flush away contaminants from the pressure flanks yet resist excessive sling off. SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT has the consistency of an NLGI #00 grease but the use of a gel thickener and a high viscosity base oil produces a gel-like appearance.


Helps Provide Reduced Maintenance/ Increased Reliability

Spray systems have reduced maintenance and increased reliability when used with SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT. This product has excellent pumpability characteristics and therefore the pumps, metering devices and lines are subject to less stress. There is also less nozzle fouling with this product. Gears are properly lubricated and as a result customers can cut back on the amount of lubricant needed. Lubrication is much more efficient and as a result, decreases of the pinion operating temperature of up to 50°F. are possible with the use of SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT.

RECOMMENDATION: For best results when switching to Texas Refinery Corp’s SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT, clean the gears prior to application. At temperatures below 45°F. (7°C.), a drum heater is required to obtain optimum sprayability when using an automatic spray lubrication system. As with any lubricant, do not use at high temperatures. We do not recommend heating above 130°F.


Economical And Reduces Consumption

The SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT does not wash off the existing lubricant film if over-applied or applied too frequently. Considerable savings result. In addition, wear can be reduced significantly because of improved lubrication. SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT does not mask over the surfaces of the pinion or gear. It produces an opaque/semi-transparent film on the gearing. This “clarity” makes visual inspection more meaningful when using a strobe light and the equipment is in operation. If it is necessary to make tape pull impressions of the gearing, SPECIAL SF OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT is easier to remove than the old asphaltic type products.