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CR-140 is formulated for use as a cold soak vat cleaner for removal of LIGHT carbon deposits, shellac, oil, grease, and paint from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is used as it comes from the drum without dilution. The alkaline seal incorporated in CR-140 eliminates excessive evaporation of valuable solvents and keeps the cleaning solution working longer.

Full product specs:



CR-140 is a two-phase liquid. The lower layer consists of a combination of chlorinated solvents, phenolic compounds, other selected solvents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents. The top layer is an alkaline solution containing a special corrosion inhibitor. CR-140 has a pH of approximately 11.2.



1. Contains built-in alkaline seal to prevent excessive evaporation of valuable solvents.
2. Readily attacks oil and grease soils, common dirt, shellacs, varnishes, paint films and light carbon.
3. May be used on all metals as encountered in chemical cleaning even plated parts.
4. Alkaline seal contains special corrosion inhibitor to prevent attack on conventional metals encountered in chemical cleaning.
5. Free rinsing with water or solvent.