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By Patty Collins. Everyone’s talkin’ about it . . . our Tractorlife.com Authenticated Fluid!
When you stop and think about it, it is pretty darn impressive that Texas Refinery Corp. has the first Tractorlife.com Authenticated Fluid in the United States! Of all the companies that manufacture a fluid like this, Texas Refinery is currently the only company in the U.S. that can give the user “peace of mind” regarding the quality of their tractor hydraulic fluids.
All fluids are not created equal! And unfortunately, many users of tractor hydraulic fluids don’t really know there is a huge difference in quality of fluids. When it comes to engine oil, the quality of the fluid is policed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and their licensing program. But, when it comes to tractor hydraulic fluids, there was not a check and balance system for quality until Tractorlife.com created their Authenticated Fluid.

The special Tractorlife.com Authenticated logo can only be used by companies that utilize certain chemistry in their fluid formulations. Currently, in addition to UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID and UTF RED, there are two other companies with products that can display the special logo. Remember though, typical of the way Texas Refinery manufactures its products . . . the additive chemistry needed to become Authenticated is not just “met” . . . it is greatly exceeded with UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID and UTF RED! 

Every six gallon pail of UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID and UTF RED are sent with a special tag on the handle of the pail, showing “Proud to Be Tractorlife.com Authenticated”. Every drum and bulk container will have the special logo imprinted on the product label. Tractorlife.com teamed up with the largest, most diversified agricultural information business in North America to help farmers identify high quality tractor fluids. Articles and videos have been published on their website to help farmers know the difference between current and obsolete OEM specifications. In addition, print ads are being published in magazines such as Farm Industry News and Grain News. And, there are Digital Display Ads being placed at the top banner of websites such as www.tractorbynet.com, in the oil/fuel/lubricants forum.
In the recent September issue of Farm Industry News magazine, on page 33 there was a large advertisement titled, “Does Your Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Really Meet OEM
Credentials?” This advertisement is running for a total of three months, to give the user an opportunity to visit the Tractorlife.com website and learn more about Authenticated fluids. There are many excellent articles on the Tractorlife.com website – tell everyone you know who would be interested in learning more about farm equipment and pass along the web address . . . www.tractorlife.com. On the website, educational articles are written on the following topics:

  • Tractor Maintenance
  • Authenticated Fluids
  • Tier 4 Engines
  • Implements
  • Technology
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Tool Shed